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Two Great Family Owned Locations:

San Clemente:

1285 Puerta Del Sol, San Clemente, CA 92673

Lake Forest:

20641 Pascal Way Lake Forest, CA 92630


(800) 964-PAWS (7297)

International calls:

(949) 276-4930

Play at Paws!

Doggie Day Camp (7 days a week) Come make new friends in our Doggie Day Camp. Our playrooms have tunnels, bridges, and live HD webcams. Playrooms are climate controlled and have shock absorbent rubber floors for comfort & safety. A Paws counselor always supervises our playgroups. 

Paw Print Playgroups are determined 

by size, age, and play style.  All dogs are temperament tested, over 4 months 

old, & spay/neutered by 7 months.

Individual Care Program (7 days a week)

This program is for pups that prefer one on one care or pups that don’t qualify for Day Camp.  Each pup gets 3 private play sessions which may include playing with toys in our private play room, swimming, small group play, outdoor walks, runs, or hikes, and lots of belly rubs.

Puppy Play-land (7 days a week)

Puppies begin socializing with other pups, have lunchtime, naps, and lots of potty breaks. Paw’s “path to success” program combines puppy training and socialization.

Paw Print Two sets of puppy vaccinations required

Rates for Play Services

Full Day Play (Over 5 Hours) $34/day

Half Day Play (5 Hours or Less) $24/day

Weekend Play (Sat & Sun) $24/day 

Puppy Play-land (Under 4 months of age) $24/day

Baths when in camp $25/each

Training when in camp $25/session

Frequent Campers Program

5 Visit Full Day Pass          $160 ($32/day, Save $10)

10 Visit Full Day Pass         $300 ($30/day, Save $40)

20 Visit Full Day Pass          $540 ($27/day, save$140)

10 Visit Half-Day Pass        $230 ($23/day, save $10)

 Unlimited Monthly Pass**      $425                                   

** Our Unlimited Monthly Pass expires after one month. All other packages do not expire.

Packages are Non-Refundable. 

Path to Success Program*
*See Training page for more information.

Paws Hours for Drop-off and Pick-up

       Monday - Friday

6:30 am - 7:00 pm

       Sat & Sun

9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Office is closed for major holidays*

* Note: Holidays are fully staffed for play

Ready for Camp?

Call Paws At (800) 964-PAWS. Or Make a reservation on-line. We will need proof of your vaccinations and some paperwork and you are ready to go. Download the paperwork by clicking the links below. Missing your vaccination paperwork? Just give us your Vet’s information and we can get it for you.

Please print and complete the form below:

Top Ten Reasons for Doggie Day Camp

Paw Print Home alone?
Paw Print Can YOU hold it for 10 hours?
Paw Print Socialization with other dogs and humans.
Paw Print A tired dog is a good dog.
Paw Print To curb destructive behavior.
Paw Print Because dogs are really kids with fur.
Paw Print To give your dog much needed exercise. 
Paw Print Because you're tired at the end of a busy day.
Paw Print For that late meeting or after work dinner date.
Paw Print Because you love your best friend.


Customer Stories

Dear Paws,

I would like to take a quick moment and thank you for the exceptional care you have taken of my our pups. Your staff is always phenomenal in making sure our pups are happy, healthy, and maybe even a bit spoiled… no matter what the circumstances Whether we are boarding them while on vacation, or utilizing your daycare (which we call PlayLand), or even special needs – as was the case with our Rocco’s recent post surgery care- your staff is on top of everything. From medications, e-collar and sling, to proper exercise and socialization, there is nothing that your staff can’t handle! What a relief to have found Paws.. . finally, I can relax and rest in knowing that while we are away , our furry babies are just happy and healthy.. but also loved. You guys are the best, thank you! 
Kathy, Wade, Lucy, Rocco, Bella, & River

One Big Happy Family

Chorus of 3

Click The Videos Below
To Watch Our Playgroups

Big Dog Video
Little Dog Video
Pool Time

Dog Meeting

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways!
From the first day I came to stay with you all, I have had so much fun frolicking, making new friends, and being loved.  When I am at Paws, I can be the crazy, fun loving hippie dog that I am. At home, I am not allowed to race around and leap over things, but at Paws, I can do it all! After a long dog of fun and play with my fellow Kings and Queens of Frolic at Paws, I sleep so soundly. My Mom and Dad tell me how good I am being. It's because I have had so much fun at doggie Disneyland all day.  But most of all, everyone at Paws is so good to me and loves me so much.  Paws is my second doggie home.  
♥ ♥ ♥  Eleanor